SmartWard & eHealth

SmartWard fulfills a unique space in eHealth

Importantly, SmartWard provides infrastructure that can drive continuous improvement.  The clinical trials confirmed that SmartWard delivers high integrity data – patient records far more accurate and detailed than the current paper and existing IT systems.  More accurate data means the right care can be delivered.

Unlike other patient bedside systems that simply provide access to existing clinical information systems, SmartWard systematises the management of the ward itself – from care planning through implementation support and to the creation of records. 

SmartWard can be integrated with existing systems, including patient administrative systems and specialist clinical services (eg radiology, pathology, emergency etc).  It can be added into the Government’s Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) that aims to provide a medical history of individuals and moves with the patient between different hospitals and medical clinics.

Health IT Benefits

Safety critical and easily integrated with existing hospital systems, SmartWard is user friendly and highly adaptable to changing clinical needs.

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