Benefits to Medical Staff

Designed to support and guide

Too often, hospital ward management systems focus on collecting information rather than on nurses’ needs. They make extra work for nurses. What’s worse, the urgent needs of patients often mean that the nurses ‘work around’ the systems so that the data which does get entered is incomplete and inaccurate. SmartWard is designed to support the rapid pace required to adapt to changes in the process of care.

SmartWard has been designed in collaboration with nursing experts and practicing nurses. It’s easier to use than the paper systems and provides high quality information for managing patient care plans, monitoring patient condition and scheduling patient care across a ward or facility. Data is captured at the source and presented to provide information relevant to the nurses and doctors who are evaluating, planning and administering care at the bedside, at the ward level and hospital-wide. Importantly, SmartWard respects the nurses’ professional judgement and leaves them in control of care delivery – they can override the automated plans and records with electronic notes that define their reason for doing so. This allows nurses to be agile and flexible enough to deal with other pressing events and know that they still have the opportunity to pick up where they left off.

The nurses participating in SmartWard’s clinical trial reported an improved work experience through the use of SmartWard; time spent delivering care increased, records were more accurate and they felt they could focus more on the clinical needs of their patients. Their familiarity with SmartWard evolved quickly as did their confidence with using the system.

Trialled and Proven

An independently evaluated clinical trial has shown SmartWard’s capability to improve quality of care, reduce costs and increase nurse work satisfaction.

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"What really distinguishes SmartWard from all other products is the way it has been designed, incorporating the user’s requirements. This is the first system I have seen that I think nurses will actually want to use."

Professor Bridie Kent, clinical practice improvements expert, academic and clinician