Benefits for Health IT

A Safety Critical & Integrable System

SmartWard is at the leading edge of IT in clinical practice. Simple to install and service, and easily integrated with other systems, SmartWard is the missing link in any comprehensive hospital IT infrastructure.

SmartWard is so intuitive and user-friendly that it feels like an app; but don’t underestimate it. SmartWard has been designed from inception to manage the safety-critical nature of hospital wards, balancing highly accurate data-capture with the utmost respect for the unique challenges of acute care.

SmartWard captures data that can inform other systems, drive continuous improvement and expand into new functionalities. By recording all activities on the ward SmartWard creates an essential infrastructure for the future integration of automated patient monitoring, equipment and supplies management as well as workforce planning and deployment.

The use of unique code generator technology enables SmartWard to be adapted quickly and cost-effectively to changing clinical needs. In a three-phase clinical trial, SmartWard made 57 changes in response to user feedback between phases 2 and 3. This approach provides a high level of adaptability with an equally low cost of ownership and a high level of user's confidence and association with their system.


Fulfilling a unique space in eHealth

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