Supporting Administration

The task of managing the patient population in a hospital is challenging on many fronts and the stakes couldn’t be higher. SmartWard is uniquely designed to help manage this complexity.

Removing the burden of paperwork & saving nurses time

Reducing errors through higher levels of patient engagement

Enhancing best practice compliance, including with the NSQHS

Automatically producing accurate digital records that improve the timely delivery of care

Reducing length of stay and discharge, enhancing workforce scheduling and job satisfaction

Designed for adaptability at the rapid pace required to support changing clinical needs

Saving Nurse Time

Nurse costs are the largest single operating expense in a hospital, 45% of the public hospital workforce and 60% in the private sector. Reducing the amount of time that nurses spend on admin allows time for more one-to-one patient care.

SmartWard’s independently evaluated clinical trial demonstrated its capability to redirect large amounts of nursing time from administration and documentation to patient care and interaction.

Key findings included:

  • The time nurses spent on documentation more than halved.
  • Time spent planning, assessing and implementing patient care as a proportion of nursing process activities improved by more than 30%.

Trialled and Proven

An independently evaluated clinical trial has shown SmartWard’s capability to improve quality of care, reduce costs and increase nurse work satisfaction.

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Reduction in Preventable Errors

SmartWard reduces the occurrence of preventable errors by:

  • Allowing nurses to undertake documentation at the point of care, rather than later in places such as the nurses’ station, where the risk of error increases.
  • Reducing interruptions and the need to multi-task, both of which have the potential to increase risk of error and missed care.
  • Assisting the implementation of a best-practice care plan with reminders, prompts and deterioration alerts.
  • Producing accurate charts and high-fidelity records for improved decision-making and high powered data pattern analysis to refine treatment plans.
  • Facilitating an increase in nurse time spent at the bedside and in patient interaction, leading to a deeper awareness of a patient’s condition.
  • Avoiding patient misidentification through embedded patient photographs in combination with other identifiers
  • Linking a patient’s ID to medication validation and treatment plans, ensuring the right treatment goes to the right patient regardless of staff changes, distractions and emergencies.

Accurate and Reliable Digital Records

In most hospitals the record of nursing care for each patient remains in a paper record at the bedside. Recordings of measures and observations are entered onto multiple paper forms before being entered into computer systems that are only accessible at the nurses workstation in a shared mode. Transposition along with delayed record keeping has been identified as a major cause of errors that are carried forward.

SmartWard captures all patient data and observations easily, quickly and just once, generally at the bedside where the time of administering care and the time of recording it are accurately stored for all to see in the patient record.

SmartWard automatically creates charts of all relevant treatments and other clinical measurements, making cross-referencing quicker, easier and more accurate. The records can be accessed by nurses and authorised experts from anywhere in the hospital.

Best Practice Compliance

SmartWard makes audits easier and assists compliance with best practice, including with the new National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standard (NSQHS).

SmartWard generates care plans based on the hospital’s clinical guidelines, using the real-time clinical observations and patient assessments entered by nurses.

Smart sensors enhance compliance with record-of-care standards by time, date and identity stamping all records and corrections and edits.


Supporting NSQHS compliance

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Ward Productivity and Efficiency

SmartWard delivers a range of workplace productivity improvements. The reduced stress and improved work satisfaction of nurses flows through into a reduction of the chronic churning of nurses through the workplace that can add significantly to hospital costs and disrupt care.

The accurate, real-time data generated by SmartWard also facilitates further efficiencies through:

  • Workforce load management
  • Supplies management
  • Bed allocations
  • Streamlining of patient discharge

Adaptability and Low Cost of Ownership

SmartWard has been developed in accordance with international standards for safety-critical software. It is user friendly and highly adaptable to changing requirements.

SmartWard’s proprietary code generator enables it to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing clinical needs. In its two-month clinical trial, SmartWard made 57 changes in response to user feedback, without defect. This promises to avoid the major cost blow-outs, caused by constantly changing clinical requirements, that bedevil hospital IT projects.

Health IT Benefits

Safety critical and easily integrated with existing hospital systems, SmartWard is user friendly and highly adaptable to changing clinical needs.

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