Smartward Overview

As anyone who works in or visits a hospital knows, hospital care involves fast, complex decision-making. SmartWard has been designed from inception to manage the safety-critical nature of hospital wards, balancing highly accurate data-capture with the utmost respect for the challenges of managing acute care patient information safely and confidentially.

Automating Records

Research suggests up to 30% of nurse time is consumed by administration and paperwork.

In most hospitals patient data is entered onto multiple paper forms, some of which is subsequently entered into numerous computer systems. SmartWard captures data easily, quickly and just once. Automatic record creation eliminates paperwork and reduces handover time.

Supporting Workflow

SmartWard systematises ward management, from care planning through implementation support. Run on computers at each patient’s bedside and at all other points of care, SmartWard helps nurses to schedule and record treatment activities in real-time, while creating a record of care of unprecedented accuracy and depth.

Decision Support

Decision support is provided for doctors, nurses and other medical staff. SmartWard automatically creates a chart of all clinical measurements and activities, making cross-referencing quicker, easier and more accurate.The system is user friendly and highly adaptable to changing clinical requirements.

Smart Sensors

Sensors are used to validate medication and track personnel and equipment so that they can be found quickly when needed in life-critical situations. SmartWard provides a view of activity across the entire hospital, at the ward level and right down to individual patient bedsides.

Best Practice

SmartWard makes audits easier and assists compliance with best practice, including with the National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards. Simple to install and service, and easily integrated with other systems, SmartWard is the missing link in any comprehensive hospital IT infrastructure.


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