SmartWard & NSQHS

Supporting NSQHS Compliance

The National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (NSQHS) present a new challenge to hospitals – both to comply with new standards and to demonstrate compliance in any audit. SmartWard helps hospitals to do both.

The clinical plans in SmartWard are what the hospital specifies as best practice and nurses are helped to follow these requirements or record the reasons for any variations. The SmartWard record is accurately time and date stamped and easily interrogated during an audit.

SmartWard supports compliance to each of the 10 NSQHS standards as shown below. For more information about the standards see

Standard 1
Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations

SmartWard makes it easy to implement best practice, review performance data, assess compliance and undertake clinical audits, whilst ensuring confidentiality of patient clinical records.

Standard 2
Partnering with Consumers

SmartWard enables patients and their carers to participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their care, using guidelines developed by the hospital.

Standard 3
Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections

SmartWard helps staff implement best practice infection control and analyse data to identify the source of an infection. Patients and their carers are able to access information about infection control.

Standard 4
Medication Safety

SmartWard facilitates correct distribution of medicines by matching the patient to the medication, providing alerts for adverse reactions, streamlining handover and generating a medication management plan at discharge.

Standard 5
Patient Identification and Procedure Matching

SmartWard utilises multiple patient identifiers, including smart sensors and photographs, to match patients with their intended care on the ward.

Standard 6
Clinical Handover

SmartWard ensures that clinical handover is a seamless process by maintaining a patient-centric care plan common to all clinicians, throughout the episode of care.

Standard 7
Blood and Blood Products

SmartWard includes the patient's blood type and transfusion history in their record, and enables patients, carers and staff to access information about safe blood product administration.

Standard 8
Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries

SmartWard implements pressure injury screening, risk assessment tools and wound management plans in a way that promotes compliance.

Standard 9
Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care

SmartWard enables the recording and display of observations in a way that makes deterioration patterns easy to identify, and it also automatically prompts for appropriate actions.

Standard 10
Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

SmartWard implements falls risk assessment tools in a way that promotes compliance, and automatically incorporates prevention strategies into the care plan.